Detailed Circle Band Cross Dangle Ear Cuff


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Sterling Silver Left Or Right Nonpiercing Detailed Circle Band Cross Dangle Ear Cuff.

Can Be Worn By: Womens Ear Cuff
Ear Cuff Side: Left Or Right Ear Cuff
Ear Cuff Placement: Pierceless Outer Middle Ear Cartilage Of Ear
Material: .925 Sterling Silver Ear Cuff
Style: Nonpiercing Ear Ear Cuff, Ear Cuff Band, Dangle Ear Cuff Band
Piercings Required: Piercings Are Not Required To Wear Band
Dimensions: Band Width: 3/8" Inner Diameter: 1/2"
Units Sold By: Single Only
Model#: SC-190-NO-CHAIN-SC
Made In:
Measurement Disclaimer: All Measurements Are Approximations
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